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An Inch on the Page An Inch on the Page

“Can’t we all just get along?” – Rodney King

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Written by Martin Oetting,
arranged by bones / coyote (C. Bösel, M. Oetting).

Written: 1994
Recorded: 2002, semi-live, on Fostex VF 08
bones – guitar, vocals
coyote – guitars, bass, drum overdubs


A revengeful cry in the silent night
A cop is filled with nameless fright
He sits down there, in a bar

They killed the man just two nights ago
Now the gang is out, they’re bound to hang the foe

They all did see it as a crazy game
Now nobody wants to take the blame
For the deed

He pays his bills, takes the coat off the hook
By the door he meets a violent look
On a man’s face

And he knows he won’t survive this night
And he also knows he deserves his fright

The tires squeal, a powerslide
The lonely white man needs a place to hide
In this town

Two shots ring out, at the break of day
That’s how endless dispair makes his enemy pay
Around here

The papers all call him a victim of rage
And the message didn’t even fill an inch on the page
On the page

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© M. Oetting, 2003